I write this not because I have an answer, but because I'm curious what other people's thoughts are. And you are welcome to share those with me in the comments! World building is something I enjoy, possibly a little too much. It's not enough that I have the world that I am currently writing, but … Continue reading


Why bother? Twitter, Writeblr, and the Internet in General

At the time of writing this there is one week remaining for the beginning of NaNoWriMo. Just yesterday I developed a brand new character and that pure joy and excitement about bringing that person to life in a story has my fingers reaching for my keyboard. "This is why I love to write!" becomes my … Continue reading Why bother? Twitter, Writeblr, and the Internet in General

Taco Telepathy

I have a confession. I suffer from the curse known as “hangry.” Labor Day weekend was enjoyable enough. I spent it primarily at my new house picking up trash and scraping the peeling paint from the walls. Here’s the problem with these long weekends: it makes the work week shorter. It’s worse when your work … Continue reading Taco Telepathy