History will call him a tyrant,

                 For now he is their benevolent leader.

Set over the course of 6 novels, each from a different character’s perspective, a dictator rises to power. Taking over the government he promises a better way of life and the advancements of the newest technology to become available for everyone: electricity.

Absolute concept cover

Absolute, Book One

Status: Editing for beta readers

This is a story born from a simple premise idea: what if throughout the history of superpowers there have always been technopaths? People who didn’t know they were more because the times simply prevented the use of their amazing gifts?

Thus Daan Bachtel was born.

Set in a fictional world during a time similar to the early 1900’s, Daan moves from his rural hometown to the capital city of his country searching for more to life. After complaining of hearing noises no one else seems capable of hearing, he puts it together that he can manipulate the electric technology that is currently racing to fill every urban home.

Discovering a gift is one thing, but learning to control it and attempting to convince people of its legitimacy is another.


Dilemma, Book 2

Status: NaNoWriMo project 2017

After living for years in poverty, Rayan considers himself fortunate to now be working alongside the heir to the ruling seat in Kiviesi, a technopath growing in strength. He believes in everything that his friend is working towards and is willing to aide him in anyway he can, even if that means staying behind the scenes and doing what a future leader cannot.

But when the council refuses to instate the chosen heir, he is needed more than ever to reverse their decision. With each order he is given, doubts begin to arise.

What if they are causing more harm than good?

The World Inside Absolute

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